Ancient Teachings of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga

Svadhisthana Chakra

Svadhisthana, the second chakra, is situated in the genital region, it has six vermillion lotus
petals. The moon-shaped crescent is the yantra of this chakra. The chakra governs the principle
of taste, Its element is water.The vital relationship between water and the moon is shown by the
crescent yantra within the white circle of the water chakra.
The aspects of Svadhisthana chakra are: procreation, family, fantasy. The earth element of Muladhara chakra dissolves into
the water element of Svadhisthana chakra. Fantasy enters as the person begins interrelating with family and friends. The
inspiration to create begins in the second chakra.
The seed mantra is Vam and the vital breath of the chakra is Prana.
Above the mantra is seated the presiding deity Vishnu, the lord of preservation, the all-pervading life-force in the universe. Vishnu is in shining
dark-blue, and he wears a dhoti of golden yellow. A green silk scarf covers his four arms. He is seated on a pink lotus, four-armed, holding a conch,
a mace, a wheel and a lotus. He is ornamented with the crown, jewelled earrings, anklets and wears the wanamala on his neck.
Vishnu is seated on the Garuda, the king of birds. Garuda is the concentrated vayu power developed from the highest form of kumbhaka (breath-suspension) which is
under full control of Vishnu. Garuda represents the five vayus within us: Apana, Prana, Samana, Udana and Vyana. From the Garuda process has been developed the
practice of Uddiyana control, the control of the lower abdomen. By this mean the Great bird of Prana, the life force is constantly forced to fly upward, ascending along
Sushumna nadi the central channel. By concentration, control over the five prana forces is increased through the release of Kundalini Power, and consequently pranayama develops. Then Lord Vishnu begins to be awakened.
His energy is Rakini or Chakini Shakti, two-headed, four armed, holding an arrow, a skull, a drum, and an ax, seated on a red lotus. Rakini is one of the forms of Kundalini Shakti. She wears a red sari, and jewels encircle her neck and four arms.
Location: Above the genitals
Name: Dwelling place of the self
The chakra's associated animal is the light grey or green makara (crocodile), an emblem of the waters and the vehicle of the god Varuna, lord of the sea.
Varuna has full control over the water principle and the
celestial ocean (the milky way), the medium through which
the five prana forces exhibit their functional activities.
This subtle water in its essence is Amrita, the deathless
substance, and in its gross form is blood and various external
and internal secretions.
Plane: The Astral plane
Rakini Shakti
Makara Crocodile
Sense Organ: Tongue
Work Organ: Genitals
Sense: Taste
Element: Water
Shape: Circle
Sound: Vang
Number of petals: 6
The Chakra drawing on this page is from the book: Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation by Harish Johari,
Destiny Books, a division of Inner Traditions International, Rochester, VT 05767 Copyright © 2000 by Pratibha Johari.